Master of Arts in English, College Teaching

Admission Requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree* from an accredited college or university
  • complete application to the Graduate School
  • official general GRE exam scores (priority given to applicants with a 155 verbal score or higher and at least a 4.5 Writing score)
  • statement of intent
  • writing sample

*An applicant who does not have an undergraduate degree in English but who has exceptional qualifications should contact the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of English.

Course Requirements for the Master of Arts in English Education with a Concentration in College Teaching (232B)

Semester Hours Required (minimum): 36

Required Courses

  • ENG 5000: Bibliography and Research (3)
  • 9 hours in English literature (either 6 hours from pre-1789 British and 3 hours from post-1789 British, or 3 hours from pre-1789 British and 6 hours from post-1789 British)
  • 3 hours in pre-1900 American literature*
  • 3 hours in post-1900 American literature*
  • RC 5100: Composition Theory, Practice and Pedagogy (3)
  • ENG 5200: Issues in Teaching English (3)
  • ENG 5150: Teaching Literature (3)
  • ENG 5160: Teaching Apprenticeship (1+1=2)
  • 7 s.h. chosen from the following; other courses related to writing, literature, or teaching may be selected with approval of the graduate advisor.
    • RC 5120: Teaching in the Writing Center
    • RC 5121:Teaching ENG 900, Basic Writing
    • RC 5122: Teaching ENG 1000, Expository Writing
    • RC 5124: Teaching ENG 2001, Writing Across the Curriculum
    • RC 5300: Studies in Rhetoric and Composition (3)
    • HE 5420: The Community College (3)
    • HE 5440: Instruction in Post secondary Education (3)
    • Any literature class (3)
    • ENG 5998: Thesis Preparation (3) and ENG 5999: Thesis (3)

* Any course not associated with a historical period (such as Ethnic American Literature, Studies in American Indian Literature, Appalachian Literature, Cultural Studies, or Gender Studies) may count for the pre-1900 or post-1900 American literature course requirement as appropriate, as determined by the graduate program director in consultation with the instructor.

**GTAs must take English 5100: Composition Theory, Practice and Pedagogy. They must also take the appropriate one-hour mentoring course(s)

Other Requirements: Teaching Portfolio