Welcome to the Master’s Program in English at ASU!

The MA program in English provides students with graduate education in the study of English, American and World literatures, language and cultures. The program strives to endow our students with a broad knowledge of content in the discipline and to help them develop advanced proficiency in reading, writing, analysis and research skills. We also provide teacher training, with a concentration College Teaching.

Programs Offered

M.A. in English (36 hours), sometimes referred to as the "Literature/Ph.D. Preparation Track." This concentration is specifically designed for those thinking they might like to pursue a Ph.D., but it also prepares students for various other pursuits.

M.A. in English, with a concentration in College Teaching (36 hours). This concentration is designed for those who would like to teach in community colleges or freshman/sophomore classes in 4-year universities.

Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition. The program requires 12 hours of graduate course-work relevant to R&C, including either a 3 hours capstone course or an R&C focused thesis (6 hours).

Success in Placing Students

Many students in the English M.A. go on to pursue Ph.D.s in English and then go on to become tenure-track faculty members at 4-year colleges and universities. Others chose to seek academic employment immediately after earning the M.A. in English and have succeeded in finding faculty jobs in community colleges. Others find jobs as teachers in high schools or as program directors and administrators in universities and community colleges.

Placement of our students into Ph.D. programs and/or academic faculty jobs is excellent. In recent years we've placed our students into Ph.D. programs at Columbia University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Syracuse University, City University of New York--Graduate Center, University of Georgia, University of Arizona, University of Missouri, University of Kansas, University of Kentucky, University of South Carolina, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and other programs.

The direct involvement of English faculty with graduate students, from initial contact with recruits all the way through mentoring during thesis writing, is among the greatest strengths of our program.